What We Do

We have one core principle: ‘Well designed access for all.’

At Motionspot, our aim is to transform spaces and lives through beautifully designed, accessible bathrooms that deliver independence for anyone with a disability or in need of extra support.
We can offer a range of design, supply and consultancy services to your accessibility requirements at each stage of the RIBA plan of work.

  • Consultancy
  • Design
  • Specification
  • Supply
  • Project Management
  • Auditing
  • CPD Training


A member of the Motionspot team will discuss your vision, plans and objectives for achieving well designed accessible facilities.

As a part of the initial consultation, we put great emphasis on getting a thorough understanding about who will use the space, what their access requirements are, plus the style, budget and timescales of the build or re-development project. A bespoke proposal will then be created.

Our refurbished toilets and wet room make visiting the MS Therapy Centre a much more enjoyable experience for all.

Berkshire MS Therapy Centre


Once the objectives of a project are understood, Motionspot can provide full product specifications for all accessible bathrooms and washrooms, ensuring all products deliver necessary access, compliance and compliment the desired aesthetics and finishes of the development.

Technical data sheets, product DWG’s and indicative product prices can also be provided for all products on request.

Design Advice

Spatial layouts and detailed designs are shaped by our experienced Occupational Therapists who will look closely at how users will interact with the available space to ensure plans are suitable for every unique need, whether designing for sight impairment, stroke, Dementia, wheelchair users, or future proofing for ageing clients.

All proposals are reviewed to ensure that they adhere to all relevant buildings regulations and are developed with a mix of product solutions that are specifically chosen to work with the rest of the development.


Each product supplied by Motionspot is designed to improve mobility and independence. Our unique range covers every access requirement and will help ensure the bathroom is safe and functional without compromising on aesthetics.

Motionspot has over 2000 specialist accessible bathroom fixtures & fittings and we are leading the way in cutting edge product development and manufacture.

All our products are supplied with O&M guides and extended product guarantees.

For Professionals

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Design Principles

For Professionals

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