Our specialist designers are passionate about creating solutions that help to increase independence in your own home.

We understand the reassurance and mental well-being that being in your home environment can bring and we will work with you to create a beautiful accessible home for you and your family. If you need a fully re-designed home, or are focusing on one room only, our team is happy to have an free initial conversation to discuss your requirements.

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We plan – accessible homes

Motionspot universal design can be applied in every room of your home; from the thickness of the carpet that enables wheels to move freely, to the widths of the doors, location and type of seating, access and functionality within the kitchen to access between floors.

We design – accessible kitchens

  • With careful design and inclusion of accessible products, it is possible to have an accessible kitchen of your dreams.
  • We will work with you to understand how you use your kitchen and we will design to support you by using a variety of suitable materials, products and lighting.
  • Worktops height can be designed at an appropriate level, sinks and hobs can have access underneath and accessible electrical appliances are considered where required.
  • Task lighting for high use/preparation areas can offer better access and reassurance.

We look to the future

We always design accessible homes to be future proofed and we are working with some of the UK’s leading research centres to develop and launch new accessible products on the market.  From connected home technology, to safety flooring and accessible lighting.  We can design products to suit any environment and access requirement.

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