We believe that whether you are designing for a hotel or your home, an accessible bedroom should offer a high level of comfort and safety and should look amazing too!

When we design accessible bedrooms, we do so in accordance with global best practice, local access guidance, the aesthetics of the building and Motionspot universal design principles. We design accessible bedrooms that are flexible and adaptable enough to cover a wide spectrum of sensory, cognitive and physical impairments.

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We design – flexible, adaptable and beautiful accessible bedrooms.

We create accessible bedrooms that are appealing to every guest and integrate subtle accessible design features to create beautiful and relaxing bedroom environments that are universally appealing to all.

Accessible bedroom design principles include;

  • Considering the spatial layout and circulation space within the room.
  • Furniture placement is carefully considered to ensure that there is high level of flexibility.  For example; wardrobes with drop height rails that can be reached from a standing or seated position and modular furniture that can be moved and re-configured easily and zip-link beds which can be separated to two single beds if required for carer support.
  • Recommending appropriate finishes such as flooring textures suitable for wheelchair, sticks and frames together with suitable colour contrast for anyone with a visual impairment.
  • We can offer expert advice on the most appropriate lighting plans and products to support access  within the bedroom and bathroom.  In addition, we often plan clever lighting circuits to help navigate between bedroom and bathroom at night time.

Ceiling track hoists

For clients requiring greater access in the bedroom, a ceiling tack hoist is often recommended. Motionspot has designed a clever recessed ceiling track hoist where the track is concealed within the soffit of the ceiling and the motor can be hidden within a wardrobe when not in use.

The Motionspot design studio in Twickenham will shortly have a fully working concealed hoist and track which is available to view and test.  Please get in touch to make an appointment to see this in use.

'Since the renovation of our hotel, bookings of our accessible bedrooms are higher than ever and guests who don’t require the accessible facilities are actively choosing the rooms due to their increased size, luxurious finish and universal design features. We are delighted with the feedback that we have received from all guests, both new and returning.’

General Manager of the White Horse , Becky Gunn.

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