We create enabling environments and accessible spaces via clever design and stylish products that appeal to all.

The bathroom is often the smallest room in the house yet it can present some of the biggest challenges by way of independence and mobility. But great accessible bathroom design can mean the difference between daily difficulties and your very own oasis of calm – and it needn’t be clinical-looking and simply functional as many assume.

We design attractive and stylish accessible bathrooms that do so much more than offer support to users. We create stunning sanctuaries that are safe for everyone to use, make the best of the most innovative design features and create a harmonious, feel-good atmosphere for enhanced wellbeing. We draw inspiration from interior trends and couple that with state-of-the-art product design to create beautiful – and future-proofed – bathrooms for anyone with physical, cognitive and sensory impairments.

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Universal products and design principles

We design accessible bathrooms that provide the ideal combination of form and function and result in comfortable, elegant landscapes that you can enjoy spending time in. What’s more, our bathrooms are inclusive of every need, all capabilities and appeal to everyone.

At Motionspot, we prioritise design principles including:

Projection and height considerations. The toilet is so placed to meet the needs of anyone who may need to transfer from a wheelchair.

Hazard avoidance. Designing completely level access walk-in showers, wet rooms and roll-in shower areas not only maximises space, it ensures there’s no risk of tripping. We also consider the finish of materials for non-slip and sensory navigation.

Space-saving techniques. Clever design and products, including bi-folding shower screens and folding grab bars, mean we can make the most of space – however limited.

Convenience and easy maintenance. Simple operational features avoid tricky twisting and turning actions.


The beauty of an accessible bathroom

We provide for a wide range of disabilities and are always pushing the boundaries in product development to ensure functionality doesn’t dictate aesthetics – the two should be prioritised alongside each other and neither compromised. Our designs meet high-specification requirements for aesthetics – so much so that it being ‘accessible’ almost feels secondary, with additional support features often not even visible at first look. We create stunning bathrooms that incorporate practical solutions within modern design.


Understanding your style

With an extensive range of styles and products, a Motionspot accessible bathroom can suit all tastes. Whether you favour contemporary or traditional design, we can provide inspiration to help you achieve your vision and create a beautiful space that blends style and functionality.


Future proofed bathrooms

The concept of future proofing doesn’t need to be overwhelming; taking some accessible design principles into consideration at the start of a bathroom re-design project can make the difference if or when your needs change. Planning the position and height of sanitaryware, lighting, access in and out of the shower and the slip resistance of flooring can help to avoid expensive bathroom adaptations and re-modelling costs at a later date.

There are also a variety of discreet future proofing products available that can be cleverly incorporated into the design, such as removable grab bars and rails and shower seats.  With the right reinforcements and fixings installed in the walls, these highly supportive products can be easily installed and removed as and when needed.

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