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At Motionspot we understand how the design of an environment can impact people with a range of physical, cognitive and sensory impairments. Our experience includes accessible design projects across residential, commercial and public/outdoor spaces including some of the leading accessible hotels, retirement living communities, offices and busiest transport stations across the UK.  
This expertise, along with regular customer feedback and an understanding of both local and global best practice access guidelines, enables us to offer a wider perspective and unique ideas for any design project.     
Our services cover design, product supply and consultancy services to meet your accessibility requirements at each stage of the RIBA plan of work.

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Motionspot has a wealth of experience in designing accessible residential and commercial environments and our award-winning team contains leading experts in this specialist field. We can support you through the planning, design, specification and product supply of your accessible space project. Find out more about the sectors we specialise in below.

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