The story behind the name

Motionspot (proper noun)
A name used to describe a business that empowers independent movement, creating beautiful enabling environments in one place.

In 2005, Motionspot co-founder James Taylor broke his neck diving into the sea in Portugal. After 8 months spent in Stoke Mandeville hospital, James returned home to his flat in Battersea, South London, to find a range of equipment had been installed to help make his life easier.

There was just one problem; every item had been designed for a hospital rather than a home. James and his wife Katherine went from living in a home designed to suit their style and taste, to a house full of grey padded shower seats, white plastic support rails, inaccessible showers and depressing furniture.

Ed Warner, a close friend, offered to help find something better. After weeks of searching, Ed found the same issues kept coming up time and again – limited choice, poor advice, condescending customer service, unclear pricing and bad design. When James and Ed first worked on their business concept, they knew they wanted to create a business that would bring together a range of beautifully designed accessible products alongside creative design ideas that would create stylish, enabling environments for all. The concept had never been executed before, so they knew the brand needed to encapsulate all aspects perfectly.

And, with the help of James and Katherine, Ed set up Motionspot to make sure no-one else must endure the same frustrations. Since then the number of people in the team has grown meaning we’ve had to move offices twice, but most importantly, our work has transformed lives throughout the UK and across the world.

We have one defining vision: ‘Well designed access for all.’ At Motionspot, our aim is to transform spaces and lives through beautifully designed, accessible environments that deliver independence for anyone with a disability or in need of extra support.


Ed Warner - Founder

In 2011 Ed left his job and launched Motionspot. Since then he has built Motionspot to becoming an award-winning design company recognised by RIBA.

He has worked with hundreds of home owners, businesses, Occupational Therapists, architects and interior designers helping deliver beautifully designed access for all.

James Taylor - Co-Founder

James has spent his career within Investment Management and the Financial Services, starting with Corporate Finance and then investing private funds for Kleinwort Benson. He also has experience offering recruitment advice on public and private equity investing.

James is on the board of the British Neurological Research Trust and the UK Stem Cell Foundation, which funds many projects into research for regenerative medicine.

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